Calling All

Calling ALL

If you are being called, don’t hesitate, SPRING into action on one or many levels! Simply go to the bottom of the page and fill out the contact form and Mr. Salters will be in touch with you.
Calling all visionaries! Share in and shape the career of a multi-faceted individual. Together, we can help the world in ways it has never been helped before especially in the realm of healing this war torn world. If YOU are called, contact any one of us on the contact page with an idea or for more information.

Calling all patrons of the arts and people who know them. Perhaps you are called to commission a special artistic project with your name attached to it or anonymously. Perhaps you have expertise to set up a non-profit business. Together we can help the sick and impoverished, provide programs for children of all ages, create promotional materials, or fund travel for Stephen and his collaborative musicans. By donating airline miles we can control the costs of doing benefit concerts for such causes as Autism, Cancer, AIDS, and Down’s Syndrome etc…,
Calling all artists be you designer, writer, dancer, choreographer, visual artist, cinematographer etc… Get involved in an ongoing series of collaborative outreach projects/performances for youth, the sick, and the needy. Together we can invigorate the world of classical music! Speak up and write and share your deepest desires.

Calling all composers for baritone pieces in general as well as for a composers’ competition. We seek pieces scored for baritone and piano, baritone and string quartet, baritone and piano trio, baritone and orchestra (chamber or full)… let your imagination be your guide! Submit Sibelius-type electronic format scores with performance MP3 to by December 1, 2010. Prizes include at least 1 performance in the next 2 seasons and/or a cash prize as well as a recording!

Calling all students – Podcasts will soon become available about the Art of Singing

Calling all village people! Bring Stephen Salters into the public eye! Building a network to share thoughts and skills for building a fan club!

Calling all schools: Mr. Salters gives Master Classes and residency workshops, optionally in conjunction with his phenomenally gifted movement specialist Eileen Kinsella.

Calling all healers! Collaborate with Mr Salters to bring more people to radiant health, enhanced awareness and a higher frequency through residences and workshops. Together we can empower more people to do greater work for this world NOW and in the very near and distant future.
Contact Stephen Salters now!