Is Earth Ventures Perhaps Another Scam or Genuine

Background’s H2 funnel launch of “Hangar 1: The UFO Files” Feb 28, 2014, encouraged a minumum of one person to report a UFO document together with the Good UFO System (MUFON), based on testimony in the Event 54384 in the MUFON experience reporting repository. The witness had a knowledge about 10 but had maintained information on the occurrence until several scenes within the “Hangar 1″ exhibit indicated objects that resembled his sighting that is original to himself. The ” Hangar 1 ” episodes derive from MUFON case records as well as the first event was public only last evening. “my loved ones and I were hiking in September 2012, at First Landing Park, VA,” the witness stated. “The camping ground it is suitable alongside the Combined Expeditionary Platform, Fort Account and encounters the Chesapeake beach side of Virginia Beach.” The witness was to the toilet on his strategy if the thing was initially witnessed. ” to the camp bath, I walked up Around 10 a.m. and observed what appeared as if a-50- hovering above the seaside area closest towards the platform at a minor eastward viewpoint.

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I ignored it figuring it had been a kite but then it hit me to be strange. I stared at it and looked back-up.’What’s that?’ I mentioned every time looking to justify it being a mechanism or kite, many times.” The witness explained the object. “nevertheless it did not proceed in any way and looked hardly liquid. If it were breezy enough for a barrel-shaped kite to fly, I’d assume a little swing or to move. However it didn’t.” And another watch went by. “As he transferred, I termed out to him,’Hey, what is that?’ The guy stared a few moments looked up and merely stated,’I really don’t learn’ and kept walking.” The experience subsequently discovered military helicopters getting into the region. ” head toward the northwest and I extended to focus then found three or two Blackhawk helicopters takeoff. I said to myself after whatsoever that is, they’re going. I kept observing the item because it hovered motionlessly, as I continued toward the restroom.

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The planes did a big westward cycle.” The witness subsequently went returning 5 minutes later and in to the toilet, the item was eliminated. No images or films were included March 1, 2014 with the MUFON document, which was submitted. Beach, Virginia, features a citizenry of 449. Virginia includes a current UFO Attentive Standing of 5 with a reduced number of accounts that are recent nationally. Virginia had 8 accounts in January 2014 – the reporting condition that is best that is 15th – while Colorado had 59 reviews – the very best reporting state in the country. It is possible to examine more information about different recently noted cases in the Examiner webpage. The prices were modified for understanding.

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Please bear in mind that many UFO reports may be explained as something natural or man-made. If Virginia MUFON investigates and reviews back on this situation, I will release an update. Please report UFO activity to “Hangar 1: The UFO Files” is seen around the channel that was H2 Friday evenings.

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