The sound, the presence, the personality…

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“Baritone Stephen Salters in full flight – the sound, the presence, the personality are the kind that will just walk in and talk over a room – no resistance seems possible.”
The Boston Globe

“…a man of thorough confidence, huge charm, and a vocal allure that come brimming off the stage…an ability to communicate gentleness and power with the same immediacy… ”
The New York Times

“he has a rainbow of tone colors to illustrate the text, and his dynamic range goes from the merest whisp of sound to the blast of a heavenly trumpet.”
The Journal

“…Salters puts everything he has into his interpretations and his performances are full of energy and verve…”
Deseret News (Utah)

“…Salters goes all out as singer, dancer and actor; he’s a fearless and exhaustingly honest performer and a thrilling singer.”
The Boston Globe

“Salters is an impressively versatile vocalist. During the evening he moved through 23 songs in four languages and five distinct musical styles…(he) throws himself into his songs with great emotional vigor…”
The St. Louis Post Dispatch

“…listeners sat silently without any movement, afraid to miss a single note…”
Nevskove Vremya (Russia)

“…Stephen Salters, leading the pack of such interpreters, to whom the entire opera seems dedicated: roundness and powerful ‘light’ in his voice, quality of diction and dramatic intensity, imparts to the Minotaure his stature of poet and artist.”
La Libre Belgique

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